Fraternity (Verbindung)

in the Seniors Convent the high President has to decide on the admissibility of a contrahage claim. However, his temper passes with him due to the turmoil in the hall. Given his ad hoc decisions, it is not surprising that some in the hall disagree with his approach ...

Luigi and the AfD sympathizer

The guitarist Luigi is with other musicians in the backstage area of ​​a small music festival. When one of the acts indirectly outed itself as an AfD sympathizer, the discussion involuntarily got out of hand.

The dark side of love

Jan and Eva have had an affair for a long time. Eva is now engaged to her partner, a highly respected politician, which is why she decides to end the affair for good. When Eva tells Jan her decision, Jan shows his dark, manipulative side.

In Italian, please!

The Italian womanizer Carlo has invited his flirt Sophie to a romantic candlelight dinner at home. He tries with all his charm to get Sophie into bed, but the evening takes a surprising turn.

Love without happy end

Marco is madly in love with his neighbor Anastasia. After the two have spent a night together, Marco does everything to conquer her. Unfortunately, however, this love is one-sided.

The quiet storm

The  Quiet Storm

The police officer Clark is undercover investigating the saleswoman Storm, as he suspects that she is responsible for the kidnapping of a boy who has disappeared in the orphanage. He manipulates her car so that she is stuck in the woods. Clark offers himself as a helpful companion so that she doesn't have to spend the night alone in the forest and uses the opportunity for an indirect interrogation.

Storm becomes suspicious, knocks Clark over and ties him up. When Clark wakes up, Storm points a gun at him and demands an explanation from Clark for the whole mess in which he brought her. When Clark manages to free himself from his bonds, the situation escalates.